Photographs of the pen were taken using a 100mm macro prime lens and imported into AutoCad as JPEG files.  The images were then scaled using one real dimension of the pen and based on that dimension strings were added to the pen for accurate replication.

Generating Pen Outlines

Pen was modeled in Carrara Pro 8.  It was made with 13 elements.  Most of the elements used were primitives while some were spline objects.

Metal nib was made by importing the above outline to the spline modeler and taking the intersection of the spline with a primitive cylinder.  The nib reed was modeled in AutoCad using solids.

Modeling the Pen

The cap body is composed of 7 elements  including primitives and splines. Outline for the clip was imported from the AutoCad drawing into Carrara and modeled.

Modeling the Cap

The blue parts of the pen were shaded using a blue-grey marble shader.  The black grip was shaded as a plastic material.  The nib and other gold parts were shaded to give a reflective, polished brass sheen. The paper was a plane with a bump map to give it slight unevenness. The desk surface was a brown plane.


The desired lighting effect was achieve by using three lights.  The backdrop and background were set to white color and an additional plane was added above the scene, the same color as the desk.


General light pointing at pen grip

General light pointing at pen stem

General light pointing at pen grip

Production frame

Pen and Cap