The story required the pen character to draw the picture of a pen.  This was achieved by creating a movie in Flash CS3.

Flash Drawing

  1.   Each color of the pen was drawn on a different layer. 

  1.   Each layer was erased a little bit in a new keyframe starting

  1.   All the keyframe were reversed and realigned

The above movie was imported onto the paper primitive as texture under the color shader.

Animation in Carrara

The setting included a room with a desk taken of Carrara’s standard indoor scenes.  Some existing elements were removed from the desk and pens and pencils were added

The camera zooms on the desk and the pen starts drawing the outline of the followed by the color pencil coloring it.  The movement of the pen was synchronized with the Flash animation the pen by each key frame.

The sequencing finishes as the drawn pen comes to life.  The red pen was always there in the exact position of the drawing but was invisible.  It becomes visible in this frame. 2 to 6 second long clips were rendered in the movie at 15 frames per second.

Note: As it renders the picture also appears on the side of the paper pad.  I was not able to eliminate that.  It is hardly visible in the movie.
Note: The movie was made using one camera and three lights - two above and from the bulb in the desk lamp.
Note: The angle of the pen was important because I wanted the nib to reflect light as the pen drew.
Note: It is fun to see the pen come to life but what the pen caps do is kind of cool too!

The music piece used was ‘Gelato’ from Garage Band.  This was chosen because of its fast rhythm and its ‘old fashioned’ nature - the fountain pens themselves invoke the earlier times.  It was shortened to fit the movie and five sound effects were added.  Sounds of all six elements were modulated for best effect.

Sound in Garage Band
Note: When pen or pencil start writing, the music was lowered so the sounds can be heard.

Title screen, one transition and a video effect was added to the movie.  Music and sound effects were resynchronized after adding the title screen and transition.  A still frame was added to the movie at the end to further help with the synchronization

Movie in iMovie
Light Switch
Pen on Paper
Pencil on Paper
Video Effect:
Star Shine